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A whopping 75 percent of known insects—among them bees, beetles, flies, and moths—go through metamorphosis and develop in four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult

A few clues only deepen the enigma of China’s latest archaeological marvel: Many of the 13,000 artifacts unearthed so far were intentionally torched and buried at a single ritual event

Celebrated writer Salman Rushdie reminds us that the wonder of India’s iconic Taj Mahal transcends time—and tourist hordes

Can these cape fur seals escape the hungry jaws of a great white shark?

Only two of Harriet Powers’s 19th-century quilts survive today, but their dynamism—and spiritual power—left their mark on American art

Photographer Craig Cutler only had three chances over three days to get this image of a prototype that may someday help detect signs of life in the universe

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