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We no longer doubt that many animals possess impressive cognitive abilities. But new research reveals that many species have much more in common with humans than previously thought #WorldAnimalDay

Tuberculosis is widespread in Madagascar’s people, but it’s never been documented in the wild in lemurs. Now, an outbreak at a Madagascar zoo has killed ten critically endangered primates

RT @Dina_Maron: NEW SCOOP FROM ME: Tuberculosis is killing this zoo's lemurs—but it hasn't closed. (THREAD)…

The uncrowded inlets and towns of Ireland’s Copper Coast tell stories of the country’s ancient past, volcanic activity, Vikings, and even magic

On the latest episode of #OverheardNatGeo, go inside the discovery of Endurance, a century-old, legendary shipwreck found beneath the Antarctic sea ice

Here’s why one stone ended up being synonymous with a whole state, plus how to explore its role in Indigenous culture and crafts around New Mexico

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